A Childhood Fave: Kool Aid Pickles

Isaiah Wilson thought that pickles were a thing of his past. In reality, they would be part of the shaping of his future. The young, Dallas native is now known as: The Pickle Plug. Tactful, resilient, and motivated, Mr. Wilson has been labeled as “The Pickle Man” since 2016.

 “If I could be any Disney character, I would be Simba from the Lion King, because in my life up to this point the obstacles I have faced have made me who I am today.” 

-Isaiah Wilson

The start of The Pickle Plug was not the typical start to a business.

“So I let the hype die out, and stop selling pickles to pursue my other interests and school was very rough. In the fall of 2018 I had not worked that semester to better my grades and as a result I was flat broke. After the semester ended I could not find any jobs that would hire me because they were fully staffed. I even tried McDonald’s and never got a response. I had to do something because rent was still due, and my family was not able to help, and I needed to find a way. I had $50 to my name and used $20 to go to a new barbershop that opened up.

The Pickle Man

One of my old barbers I used to use when I first came to college now worked there. I tried to hide my face because you know barbers be tripping when you switch barbers. Anyways, he spots me out and says the typical “Where you been? I haven’t seen you in a while.” But the very next thing he said was “Do you still sell those pickles?” I told him “Naw that’s my past I’m on to bigger and better.” He said “Naw bro you gotta get back to doing it a lot of people like them and he’s just taking it up in the shop at how good my pickles are.” Before I could respond another barber right next to him named Fish said “I’d like to buy a jar” I said “Naw I don’t do that anymore” he said “I don’t care, just do this one time for me” I responded “$20” he said “ok bet” I was shocked because he was willing to pay that much. So after that every barber in the shop bought a jar. I had no money but I informed them that I would come back next week with their orders. Long story short I borrowed $50 from a friend and kept growing from there. In a 2 week time span I was able to pay my rent for December and January and I have been in business ever since. I had traveled every day that winter break to deliver pickles, it was honestly a blessing.”

To those of you interested in starting your own business, The Pickle Man wants you to keep these things in mind:

Enjoy and appreciate the season you are in but don’t remain complacent. Approach each day thankful and hungry for opportunity.  Research, research, research your industry and set small attainable goals that build up to your ultimate objective.

You can locate the pickle plug online here. You can also follow them on Instagram @ThePicklePlug16.

Blog By: Damica O

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